How to measure for a shower base
Size selection guide
How to measure for a shower door
Accurate finished measurements are essential to finding the perfect shower door
  • Finished opening measurements are required (i.e. the walls are finished, tiled* or acrylic backwalls installed) when ordering a DreamLine shower door
  • Walls must be finished before measuring
  • Measure the width from finished wall to finished wall in 3 places:
1 Top 72” up from the base of Shower
2 Middle Halfway Between Base/Top
3 Bottom Shower base/threshold
  • Use a level to check for plumb walls
  • If all 3 width measurements are the same and the level indicates that the walls are plumb order a door to fit that width
  • If the 3 width measurements are not the same or the level shows walls are not plumb, this indicates that the walls are out-of-plumb (not straight), order a door that allows for out-of-plumb adjustment
*Never use accent or border tile, which may protrude, near area where door will be installed to avoid installation interference

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